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Check out our events for 2019

We've got a full week of workshops, history lessons, and live jazz jams! We also plan to take the band for sunset cruises on the legendary mutant vehicle Re-In-Karma when weather permits.

See our schedule posted right here on this web site!

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Thanks! I really look forward to meeting you all!


Aug 16, 2019

Hi Jason,

We always welcome musicians to sit in our jam sessions. We have house musicians to get the jams started but rely on jazz musicians to come sit in to keep them going. Typically you bring your instrument and signal to someone between songs that you are there and want to play. They'll usually tell you when they will be ready for you to come in. It may be on the next tune or you may have to wait a few tunes to play. If you're feeling rusty, you could try coming to our "beginner's jam sessions" at 9:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday to get some warm up in. We set this up this hour just for those…


Hi, I am an alto sax player who is a little rusty, but would love to jam with you in BRC! Would that be possible? If so, what do I need to do? Please let me know!

I am at the Parched Albatross Lounge and Bar at H&7:45



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